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Race and the Middle East - A Reading List

The readings and resources included here are part of a collective attempt at BRISMES to think through how black radical and abolitionist scholarship, coloniality, and race/racism operate in and with studies of the Middle East and North Africa. The list follows on from our public statement of solidarity with Black Lives Matter activists last July, and part of our internal learning and unlearning about how race and racism function within the discipline, as much as within the contexts we study. As we mentioned in our statement, “scholars of colour, and Black scholars in particular, have developed an extensive terrain of radical intellectual projects that both reveal the way race operates in global and specific contexts, and how abolition, liberation and anti-racist solidarities disrupt these structures. Following in their footsteps will transform how we teach, learn and cultivate knowledge of and with the Middle East”.

We see this collection of resources as an initial starting point in doing this work, and stems from work others are already doing to decolonise reading lists and disrupt the structures that shape teaching and research in university arenas. We have organised each of the sections as an introduction to particular themes we feel are relevant to discussions of race, racism, coloniality, blackness, slavery, postcoloniality, decoloniality and solidarity within and with the Middle East and North Africa. We are also aware that this list will continue to evolve and is not meant to be comprehensive. Therefore, we encourage others both to add to the list and help develop further research and thinking that shapes anti-racist praxis in our classrooms, within our schools and across academia.

If you would like to add any resources to this list, please send the details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .