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BRISMES Annual Lecture

2020: Ziba Mir-Hosseini

Recovering Gender Equality in Islam: Conversations with Reformist Thinkers (watch a recording of the lecture here)

2019: Laleh Khalili

The Corporeal Life of Commerce at Sea (listen to a recording of the lecture here)

2018: Khaled Fahmy

Shari'a, dissection and justice in modern Egypt

2017 (joint lecture with BRAIS): Olivier Roy

Speaking of jihad, what do we mean by ‘religious radicalisation’?

2016: Hisham Matar

After the Revolutions: Arab Memory and Bewilderment

2015: Eugene Rogan

Beirut on the Stage: The Ottoman Great War in Four Acts

2014: Jack Straw

The Future of British Foreign Policy in the Middle East

2014: Sami Zubaida

The Quest for Cultural Authenticity and the Politics of Identity (listen to a recording of the lecture here)

2013: Haleh Afshar

Islam and the Politics of Resistance: The Case of Women in Iran.

2011: Baghat Kourani

Middle East Exceptionalism: Ended or Dented? Joint lecture with CASAW.

2010: Patrick Seale

America’s War Against Islam

2009: Roger Owen

British and French Military Intelligence in Syria and Palestine, 1914-18

2008: Yasir Suleiman

Arabic and I

2007: Clive Holes

From Suez to Iraq via Jimmy and Diga: Arabic Popular Poetry as a Form of Free Speech

2007: Ruud Peters

Shari’a Criminal Law and Human Rights: Can They Be Reconciled? Special summer lecture.

2006: Carole Hillenbrand

Images of Saladin, Past and Present

2005: Charles Tripp

Show Trials in Iraq: Theatres of Power

2004: Philip Robins

Top Hat and Crescent: Dualism Reconciled in Turkey’s Foreign Relations

2003: Roger Owen

Biography and Empire: Lord Cromer (1841-1917) Then and Now

2002: Tony Allan

Water, Food and Trade in the Middle East: Virtual Water Eliminates Water Wars?

2001: Fred Halliday

11 September 2001 and the Study of International Relations

2000: James Craig

A Life with the Arabs