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BRISME Council Sub-committees

In April 2020, BRISMES Council agreed to the creation of sub-committees to improve the governance of BRISMES. With the exception of the BJMES editor and the Graduate Section presidents, each member of Council volunteers to sit on at least one sub-committee. The committees report to Council every four months (in conjunction with Council meetings) and are made up as follows:

1. Finances

Role: to oversee and assist in the sound financial administration of BRISMES finances, including initiatives to increase and diversify income and suggestions for efficiency savings. 

Members: Tim Jacoby (Chair), Lewis Turner, Neve Gordon

2. Communications

Role: to oversee and assist in the production of the newsletter, social media postings and website content. 

Members: Zahra Tizro (Chair), Alam Saleh, Andrea Teti

3. Prizes, Awards and Scholarships

Role: to oversee the judging of the Leigh Douglas Memorial Prize; to fundraise for the Solidarity Fund and assist in making decisions on applications to the fund; to oversee the newly established Early Career Development Prize and Conference Student Paper Prize; to suggest new awards/prizes/grants.

Members: Nicola Perugini (Chair), Marianna Charountaki, Paola Rivetti, Sharri Plonski

4. Membership

Role: to oversee and assist in improving membership services and increasing membership.

Members: Feras Alkabani (Chair), James Dickins, Rafeef Ziadah

5. Public Outreach and Pedagogy

Role: to take a lead and assist in raising the profile of BRISMES and its ability to influence research, teaching and public awareness of the Middle East and its languages and cultures in progressive ways through events and the development/dissemination of relevant resources.

Members: Teodora Todorova (Chair), Malaka Shwaikh, Hanem El-Farahaty, John Chalcraft